Digital Foundation

Agronomeye’s open and collaborative approach is enabling us to deliver best in class analytics through our Digital Foundation while partnering with other leading businesses in the agricultural sector to visualise their valuable information in our unique platform.

These highly accurate 3D models allow for a number of critical management decisions to be data driven, including:

Water Management

Centimetre accurate elevation data enables water flow modelling to determine a number of issues including erosion risk, catchment location efficiency, surface water runoff etc.

Redevelopment Proposals

The same data set can be used for financial feasibility of development works including field configuration, earth works, tree planting in horticulture etc.

Eye Grow

Agronomeye’s workflow solution has been developed in conjunction with agronomists and growers to facilitate a fully functional management decision process.

High resolution maps aid in target testing while a data conversion tool enables the valuable information to be put to work through custom management zone shape files.

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