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Agronomeye’s workflow solution has been developed in conjunction with agronomists and growers to facilitate a fully functional management decision process. High resolution maps aid in target testing while a data conversion tool enables the valuable information to be put to work through custom management zone shape files.

An Agronomeye crew is ready to be deployed Australia wide to scan any size crop from broad acre to vineyards, identifying problems and expanding potential.Our multi spectral sensor is coupled with an onboard processing algorithm to produce immediate results at the point of collection, identifying:


Crop Stress

Combining multi-spectral bands across the visible and near infra red allows the crop stress layer to measure pigment absorptance and failing cellular integrity that are markers for nutrient deficiencies, pest infestation and dehydration.


Photosynthetic Activity

The agricultural sector is familiar with the Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), having used the data for decades to provide an indication of vegetation health.

Population SG

Population Maps

A valuable planning metric, population maps are typically labor intensive to sample manually however through using airborne systems Agronomeye efficiently supplies a plants per acre measurement to assist with critical replant decisions or assessing yield potential.

canola canopy closure sg

Canopy Closure

Valuable in identifying misplanted or thin coverage areas, or assessing damage from events such as weather, the canopy closure layer indicates the percentage of the field that is covered with the growing crop.

Yield Potential SG

Yield Potential

Multiple crop metrics are combined to asses future performance in the yield potential layer.

weed maps

Weed maps

The weed density layer provides valuable data in the opening stages of the cropping process, identifying invasive plant species for targeted treatment.


Accurate and repeatable data sets are achieved through an integrated light meter linked to the sensor, adjusting to changing conditions such as clouds and time of day.

A frame-by-frame depiction and adjustment of the available light is crucial to the accuracy of the final data set and allows for not only reliable information but also the ability to stack sets of data over a period of time to monitor change.


Onboard processing means results in minutes not hours or days. Removing the need for large volumes of data packs to be uploaded to the cloud eliminates the need for a network connection in often-unreliable remote locations.

Our data analytic maps can be imported into external software to generate prescriptions to the majority of the precision Ag displays in today’s market.

Our data can be exported as .kml, .shp and GeoTIFF to be consumed wherever, whenever and however you’d like.

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