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Your farm is more than meets the eye

Make decisions with clarity and confidence using agriculture’s first digital twin:

  • Simple and intuitive
  • Home for all ‘on farm’ data
  • Built for productivity and natural capital
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From measuring canopy height to how water flows, Agronomeye empowers the farmer with the information they need to unlock the full potential of their land… And our AgTwin platform makes it easy.

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Lidar scanning maps a property in unparalleled detail.



Make the invisible, visible across your asset with actionable and targeted farm scale insights.



Use the AgTwin platform to review, measure, report and share every aspect of your farming business.

The power of
a digital twin

To sum it up:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency

Previously unavailable in agriculture, Digital Twins provide an up to date, holistic view of your land. Whether you’re earning carbon credits, forecasting for a risk-free, profitable season or proving value to investors, reliable data is essential.

Remove the debate and move forward with confidence. AgTwin takes the guesswork out of your operation

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AgTwin applications:

  • Land Adaptation
  • Agronomy
  • Natural Capital
  • Sustainability
  • Banking
  • Insurance

Use Cases

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In collaboration with CSIRO on their research station, we were able to prove the case for efficiency and reduced waste.

Animal Welfare:

RWS certification simplified using AgTwin to provide supporting evidence for flock health and ongoing welfare.


In a project designed specifically to restore an endangered population, AgTwin utilised precise data analysis to pinpoint the optimal natural habitat conditions, ensuring evidence-based outcomes, instead of a test-and-learn framework.

Land Management Planning & Design:

With a holistic overview and deeper understanding of the land conditions, Farmers are able to remove risk in planning and investment to achieve optimized conditions.

Carbon Projects:

Partnering with Regenco to raise the standard for carbon credit measurement, tracking, and reporting, we are delivering impact and premium returns for HIR carbon projects.

Water Use Efficiency:

Working with the Mulloon Institute, we are helping farmers to understand how to capitalise on existing water conditions of their land via infrastructure and water efficiency measures.

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